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11 October 2006 @ 04:01 am
Challenge 024 Closed // Challenge 025 Open!  
Challenge 025: Team Study - Cameron Mitchell

Daniel spends day in and day out with his team, SG-1. Oh, sure, occasionally he's "loaned out" (and sometimes, they have to go out and bring him back themselves), but we all know where he hangs his boonie at the end of the day. With this in mind, daniel100 will be taking an individual look at each member of this infamous team.

Camshaft! The New Guy! And SG-1's very own personal fanboy (second only to Jay Felger, maybe). No longer do we hear the frustrated growls of Jack over enunciating "Daniel!" but the incredulous bark of Cameron's "Jackson!"

And, of course, Vala's opinion on Earth's limited gene pool when it comes to how our men look. Cough.

There's certainly a different dynamic between this Colonel and our favorite archaeologist; the stars may have been washed out of Daniel's eyes by the harsh realities of the universe, but his goal-oriented tunnel vision needs just as much reigning in now as it did then, and technically, that job falls on Cam's shoulders. How's that working out for you?