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Daniel Jackson 100

Words of Pure Squee

Daniel Jackson Challenge Community
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The Doctor Daniel Jackson Challenge Community

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the Daniel Jackson 100 writing community challenge. Every other Wednesday a new challenge is issued and you're encouraged to write up at least 100 words on said prompt. You'll have two weeks to submit your work before that challenge is closed and another is opened.

Be it a drabble or short story (or longer if the mood takes you!), it must (a) focus on Daniel Jackson and (b) be connected in some way to the issued challenge. The story does not need to be told by Daniel Jackson, but it should very much, unmistakably be about Daniel Jackson. Otherwise, skies the limit!

Feel free to interpret as closely or loosely as you'd like to the given prompt. We're here to encourage you as writers of SG Fanfic. Get wild, get crazy, but most of all, have fun with it! Even if sometimes "fun" means "whumping poor Danny into H/C oblivion".

Also, don't feel constricted to one entry alone. If you have multiple ideas, please share them all! All we ask is that you not over run the list with your prolific brilliance.

There are a few rules we ask that you follow:

• Any rating is welcomed, any pairing is welcomed. All we ask is that you properly warn/inform the community when posting your piece.

• Please use some variation of the following format when posting:
Title: (if applicable)
Pairing: (if any)
Rating: (we're serious about this)
Spoilers: (we're double serious about this)
Categories: (h/c, slash, het, humor, fluff, team, whump, etc)
Challenge: (for archiving purposes)

Please put your work behind an LJ Cut.

• It has to at least be a 100 word entry. We also strongly encourage spell checking though we're certainly not going to string you up for a typo.

• Polite and constructive discourse is encouraged, flames and personal insults are not welcomed and will not be tollerated. If you don't enjoy a certain pairing or category of story, then please don't click through to that story. If you do, and you're upset by it, you have no one to blame but yourself and the moderators will be mighty sore around the edges if they catch wind of any nasty postings. Remember, we're all here as fans of the Stargate Universe and the lovable Daniel Jackson, no matter our preferences.

• Only post works to this community that are direct responses to the issued challenges. There are buckets and buckets of "regular" communities where you're free to post links to your latest and greatest works. This community has a very specific purpose and we ask that you respect that purpose.

• This community is opened to all but you must be a member before being allowed to post. While daniel100 allows advertising of other communities, we ask that you please put it behind an LJ Cut if you cannot keep it to three lines or less.

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